Watch out for even smaller monsters when you’re out with Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has just hit Malaysia and Singapore, and it’s brilliant to see the number of people, of all ages wandering around parks hunting for the little monsters.

But there are other little monsters out there that could actually cause you harm. So remember to use mosquito repellent, and deet based formulas are still the best in terms of protection.

Also you might want to consider also taking along the Fight Dengue App  so you can see where the active Dengue cases are, as well as those pocket monsters.

Remember the Fight Dengue App is also a crowd sourced platform, so if you get bitten, or even just see some mosquitoes then press that Fight Button and you’ll be able to help others be more aware.

or you can try our Progressive Web App for Malaysia

And please remember apps and devices that make high frequency sounds to repel mosquitoes are scientifically proven to NOT WORK!

Stay Safe

Dear Google, please help us use our data to beat dengue and Zika

This was an interview I did with New Scientist after my presentation for the ISNTD  Bites conference in London earlier this year.

I wanted to highlight that there is no need to for the so called “Prediction” of Big Data, just a look at the synonyms of predict shows exactly how accurate it is likely to be.

  1. say or estimate that (a specified thing) will happen in the future or will be a consequence of something.
    “it is too early to predict a result”
    synonyms: forecast, foretell, foresee, prophesy, divine, prognosticate, anticipate, see, say, tell in advance, project, speculate, envision, envisage, imagine, picture, estimate, conjecture,guess, hazard a guess;

    archaicaugur, previse, presage, foreshow;
    rarevaticinate, auspicate
    “it is difficult to predict what the outcome will be”

I don’t know of a weekly weather report that you would say is 80% accurate, but somehow, by using monthly weather predictions, certain parties claim they can be more than 90% accurate!  Of course, it depends on what it is you are accurately predicting, if you are predicting one or more cases, within 6 months, in a 5km area of a city which has many cases already, then their accuracy would be high. But then you also wouldn’t need any form of big data or analysis. It’s like predicting there will be some warmer weather this summer, warmer than the winter weather, then patting yourself on the back on hot days, and keeping quiet on cold ones, like clairvoyants do.

I digress, this article was about the huge amount of data that Google keep if you have it’s location services enabled, and that you can see for yourself here it really is interesting to look at.

However, using this “Small Data” of those people infected with Dengue, Zika and many other diseases, cross referenced with each other, would very quickly build up a map of likely breading grounds for the disease.


So, rather than basing research on “Big Data Imagination” surely it would be better to base it on the factual data of where the patients have actually been, and therefore the locations where they could have been infected.

The beauty of this approach is that, the data is being collected anyway to help with journey time estimations etc, and so you don’t have to install an app before being infected, you can install the app upon diagnosis, and then anonymously share your past 14 days  or so location data, maybe less if the doctor can see at what point in the incubation period the virus is currently at.

Here’s the article

Help us translate the app

We want Fight Dengue to be used by as many people as possible all over the world, to make that possible we need to translate the app into many languages.

We have used Google translate, but we all know that it can be very inaccurate , so if you are able to help us please do.

There are a handful of words and phrases used by the app and we would like to make it as accurate as possible for the users.

Below are links to the Google translated files that the app uses at the moment, if you can help, then please :

  • Download the language of your choice. Right click the link and choose Save link as…
  • With a simple text editor update where necessary
  • Email it back to us at
  • We will add a big thank you in the app for all those that help



If you feel we’re missing an important language then let us know, even better translate one of the existing languages and send it to us.



New apps on the way

Building on the MosquitoBite platform we are releasing an updated app re branded as Fight Dengue.


and to go along with it a bunch of new apps to cover similar ares such as Malaria and TB, but also additional issues such as flooding and bush fires

Fight Dengue will be out first followed by the others in a week or so, look out for them!




Great turn out at the #TIME2FIGHT Anti-Dengue Event


The Dengue Free Malaysia Movement (DFMM) had an excellent event today at the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre, Near Kuala Lumpur.
With Keynote speech by Duli Yang Teramat Mulia Raja Muda Selangor Tengku Amir Shah ibin Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah AlHaj, and speeches by YBhg Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew, the initiator of DFMM, and YB Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Kurup, Minister in Prime Minister’s Department.
The event promoted unity in Malaysia to fight against dengue to try to reduce the number of cases, which so far this year alone has resulted in 34,237 cases and 101 deaths in Malaysia.

It is good to see the private sector joining with the Ministry of Health, putting in so much time and effort, to encourage the public to get involved with the fight.
Amongst the initiatives DFMM were offering fogging machines to public groups to empower them to help their own communities.

It was great to be there representing the MosquitoBite App which received a lot of enthusiasm for those present. We hope it can be used as a valuable tool to make Malaysia dengue free.

Ultrasonic anti mosquito apps don’t work!!

There are a lot of anti mosquito apps in the market claiming that their apps can “repel mosquitos” using ultrasonic sound waves but studies have shown that they do not work. The American Mosquito Control Association says 10 scientific studies of different ultrasonic mosquito repellent devices conducted since 1998 showed none of them had any effect on mosquito behavior. “The fact is that these devices just do not work – marketing claims to the contrary,” said the AMCA. Read more at AMCA website

App update

It seems the Malaysian servers that provided the dengue cases overlay for the map were quite frequently offline, so I’ve changed the app making them unnecessary.