Ultrasonic anti mosquito apps don’t work!!

There are a lot of anti mosquito apps in the market claiming that their apps can “repel mosquitos” using ultrasonic sound waves but studies have shown that they do not work. The American Mosquito Control Association says 10 scientific studies of different ultrasonic mosquito repellent devices conducted since 1998 showed none of them had any […]

Public has social responsibility to prevent dengue

“Cleanliness is the factor for the rise in dengue cases. Fogging alone cannot eliminate dengue; it requires teamwork to destroy the menace” What have you done today to help prevent dengue? Why not conduct a spot check at your own home to ensure there’s no mosquito ground around you. Share MosquitoBite App with your loved […]

Tip It, Store It, Throw It

It is very important for everyone to do their bit to stop dengue mosquitoes breeding around their home. All it takes is one person with dengue fever in your neighbourhood to be bitten by a dengue mosquito, and then that mosquito can start infecting other people with the virus. To reduce your risk of getting […]

Know the time dengue mosquitoes bite

Know the time dengue mosquitoes bite: The dengue mosquito has two peak periods of biting activity: in the morning for several hours after daybreak and in the late afternoon for several hours before dark. Nevertheless, the mosquito may feed at any time during the day, especially indoors, in shady areas, or when it is overcast.

Dengue cases 65% higher than last year

Excerpt from the news: “Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam said he was worried this could be an indicator that the dengue situation this year could be far worse than last year. … private clinics or hospitals had failed to detect 99 per cent of dengue cases of patients who came to seek treatment […]