Excerpt from The Star newspaper on January 15, 2015: A Hospital Kuala Lum­pur spokesman said the hospital had ob­­served in the past year that pa­­tients with four other symptoms should also be given medical attention as soon as possible for them to be better managed.

The signs were abdominal pains which did not improve even after defecating, bleeding from the nose or gums or blood in the stool, vo­­miting three times or more within 24 hours, including retching, and young patients feeling extraordina­rily weak or lethargic, he said.

“If the patients have these symptoms, they need to see a doctor and get a blood test imme­diately. These are symptoms doctors must be alert to and consider admission,” he said.

In recent times, HKL doctors have begun to intervene even before the fever subsided, especially among pa­­tients who exhibit such symptoms.

“If the patient is treated early, the dengue shock syndrome may be avoided,” the spokesman said.

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