We want Fight Dengue to be used by as many people as possible all over the world, to make that possible we need to translate the app into many languages.

We have used Google translate, but we all know that it can be very inaccurate , so if you are able to help us please do.

There are a handful of words and phrases used by the app and we would like to make it as accurate as possible for the users.

Below are links to the Google translated files that the app uses at the moment, if you can help, then please :

  • Download the language of your choice. Right click the link and choose Save link as…
  • With a simple text editor update where necessary
  • Email it back to us at support@mosquitobiteapp.com
  • We will add a big thank you in the app for all those that help



If you feel we’re missing an important language then let us know, even better translate one of the existing languages and send it to us.