Pokémon Go has just hit Malaysia and Singapore, and it’s brilliant to see the number of people, of all ages wandering around parks hunting for the little monsters.

But there are other little monsters out there that could actually cause you harm. So remember to use mosquito repellent, and deet based formulas are still the best in terms of protection.

Also you might want to consider also taking along the Fight Dengue App  so you can see where the active Dengue cases are, as well as those pocket monsters.

Remember the Fight Dengue App is also a crowd sourced platform, so if you get bitten, or even just see some mosquitoes then press that Fight Button and you’ll be able to help others be more aware.


or you can try our Progressive Web App for Malaysia https://mosquitobiteapp.com/webapp/

And please remember apps and devices that make high frequency sounds to repel mosquitoes are scientifically proven to NOT WORK!

Stay Safe