As a way to help companies get involved with the dengue fight we have decided to offer advertising opportunities to the first 30 Malaysian companies who sign up.


The deal is:

  • first 30 Malaysian companies (or individuals) to sign up.
  • pay only RM1,000 per month fixed for life*
  • you’ll get banner ad space on the app to promote your company, products and services.
  • Your clients/customers will see your support in helping in the fight against dengue.
  • Even when we hit 5 million users, you’ll still only be paying RM 1,000 per month*

Contact us at and we’ll explain how it works.

This will help us expand the coverage of MosquitoBite around the world, and build more detailed models for prediction.

*Whilst monthly payments are maintained the price will only increase in line with inflation calculated on a yearly basis.